BEAM Terra 800: One of the best satellite communication systems for mining & exploration industry

Back in the year 1975, Russia launched the first satellite to space. Since then, satellite technology opened its doors to a lot of advancements particularly to network communications. This has paved way for the advancement of satellite communications on land, sea and air.

Satellite communication systems for mining & exploration industryToday, the use of satellite phones is very popular. These devices are used by a bunch of individuals especially those who spend a lot of their time in the wilderness or those who work in the remote areas such as miners, construction workers, media men, and oil mill workers.

Satellite phones are the more preferred communication devices by mining and construction companies rather than mobile phones because they do not depend on cell signals. This type of signal is transmitted via cell towers. Since mining sites are usually in areas that are very remote and unreachable by cell towers, ordinary mobile phones are useless. Thus, miners use satellite phones because they can still work even without cell site towers nearby. They can still receive and transmit calls because the signal they use is transmitted via artificial satellites that orbit the earth.

Most miners today use Beam Terra 800 for their communication needs. It is a voice and data satellite terminal that is designed to be utilised for several land applications. It has coloured LCD screen and the is capable of making voice calls and sending data as well.

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