Huawei’s Hard-Charging Workplace Culture Drives Growth, Demands Sacrifice

Many of us overlook the value of workplace culture. However, it is important because it is the way you do things around your office, shop, or manufacturing area –it creates a feeling that impacts on business performance, compliance, reputation and staff engagement.

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Looking at how the workplace acts, what its rules, norms, rituals and ceremonies are, and to see exactly what type of people work there are crucial to the improvement of your workplace. It can be a tough challenge to business owners and managers especially that workplace culture is always changing as new employees enter and old employees leave, but this takes about many years to notice the changes.

The first thing you need to do is to decide exactly what culture you want your business to have. To do this, you need to review your organisations mission, values and desired personality so that you ensure that employees know what culture you are aiming for. The established culture will attract similar people and deter other cultural types whenever they are exposed to your organisations moments of truth.

Once your existing employees have already adapted and changed to your workplace culture, your focus should be on your newest employees. They will be the best chance of changing your workplace because they haven’t learnt any bad habits yet and can be melded the way you want.

Learn how Huawei Technologies has able to implement a workplace culture that brought growth to their company by reading this article: