People with eating disorders can now use apps to navigate supermarkets

In order to leave, we need to eat. Eating has much influence to health and personality. However, eating disorder imbalances the patient’s diet some times and in worse cases, the patient avoids to eat at all.

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What is eating disorder? Altogether, it is a mental illness in which the patient suffers from disturbed diet the interventions have also been addressed by the psychological theories and practices. It refers to the overlapping condition in eating which can be treated as patient’s abnormal behaviour towards daily eating schedule with numerous forms of conventional psychopathology.

According to the theory, eating disorder patients have traumatised from anguished behaviour to life-threatening position which ultimately affect patient’s routine whether it is eating or other daily routine.

Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are the most common disorders are that have been recognised by the psychology medical sciences. There are several other types of disorders which are identified as Rumination syndrome, compulsive overeating, and Selective eating disorder.

Generally, eating disorders can be cured by psychological and medical counselling. In some extreme cases surgery, gastroesophageal fundoplication may be used; it is a procedure usually reserved for people with acid reflux disease.

Many of these eating disorders are uncommon and may vary in many degrees. In such case, patients are advised to seek medical attention prior to treatment or self-diagnosis.

One problem that eating disorder patient faces is they got overwhelmed when surrounded with food. That’s the reason why cooking and grocery shopping become tough challenges for these people

Luckily, people with such eating disorders can now use certain applications to fight against their anxiety when surrounding with food. They can now use these apps to navigate supermarkets without feeling anxious by the food that surrounds him or her.

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